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Level 2 Qualifications

601/5669/7F - EAL Level 2 Diploma in Engineering Technologies

Unit  -  QET2-001A / WIA  Engineering Environmental Awareness           Mandatory

Unit  -  QET2-002 / W2 Engineering Techniques                                          Mandatory

Unit  -  QET2-003 / W3 Engineering Maths                                                   Mandatory

Unit - QET2-004 Electrical and Electronic Principles

Unit - QET2-005 Electrical and Electronic Testing Methods

Unit - QET2-006 Electrical and Electronic Systems and Devices

Unit - QET2-022 Personal Computer (PC) Maintenance Methods

Level 3 Qualifications

EAL Level 3 NVQ in Electrical and Electronic Engineering 600/9931/8EEG 

Unit - QEEE2/001N Complying with statutory regulations and organisational safety requirements

Unit - QEEE2/002N Using and interpreting Engineering data and documentation

Unit - QEEE3/003N Working efficiently and effectively in Engineering

Unit - QEEE3/018N Testing Post-Production Electronic components and circuits

Unit - QEEE3/019N Locating and Diagnosing Faults in Post-Production Electronic Componets and Circuits

Unit - QEEE3/020N Preparing Facilities for Testing Electronic Components and Circuits

Unit - QEEE3/032N Wiring Electrical components and Equipment in Enclosures

Unit - QEEE3/036N Checking the compliance of Electrical Equipment

Unit - QPE02/038N Maintaining Electronic Equipment and Systems

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